Close Networking Opportunities

Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Network Rail
  • CrossRail
  • Transport for London
  • Banedanmark
  • Ministry of Transport & Communications
  • Athens Urban Rail Transport

With The Following Job Titles...

  •     Head of Track
  •     Director of Maintenance
  •     Asset Managers
  •     Track Section Managers
  •     Safety Managers
  •     Head of Quality
  •     Track Maintenance Engineer
  •     Route Asset Manager
  •     Infrastructure Programme Director
  •     Senior Project Manager
  •     Maintenance Performance & Reliability
  •     Programme Improvement, Integration & Delivery
  •     Reliability Improvement
  •     Asset Management Competence


  • Maintenance Vehicle Companies
  • Digital Asset Management Technology Companies
  • Data automation Technology
  • Drones & Unmanned Vehicle Companies
  • Scheduling Tooling & Application Companies
  • CCTV Track Inspection Companies
  • Component & Kit Supplier Companie
  • Railroad Constructon & Material Companies
  • Railroad Consultancy Groups


Led By Reka Sanders, Principal Civil Engineer, Atkins

Join this 3-hour workshop into the increasing challenges faced to maintain track to prevent and manage drainage damage.

Access a range of practical insights and tactical considerations to reduce the impact of flooding and drainage issues on track management and degradation of your rail infrastructure network.

Offering a unique learning opportunity to address your key drainage and track-bed issues, such as:

·         Track and earthwork drainage issues and solutions

·         Changes in design approach

·         Managing drainage on High Speed Rail

·         Maintenance strategies and data driven decision making

Taking place on from 2pm to 5pm Monday 23rd January, before the main two-day event, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your knowledge of drainage and track management.

14:00 - Welcome and introductions

14:15 - Aim of the day

14:30 - React - Track and earthwork drainage issues and solutions

 Prevent - Changes in design approach

15:30 - Coffee break 

15:50 - High Speed Rail, what is different?

16:15 - Maintenance strategies, data driven decision making

16:45 - Summary of the day & Feedback

17:00 - Close


Access Industry Leading Case-Studies To Optimise Your Maintenance Regime

What's Missing From Your Maintenance Regime?

With maintenance increasingly reliant on the use of digital technology and condition monitoring systems...

it is vital for infrastructure companies to effectively integrate and transition to proactive maintenance regimes to optimize track availability and reduce inefficiencies:

  • The Only Conference That Puts Predictive Maintenance In Focus: This event will be the only event on the calendar that will lay down the foundations for rail infrastructure companies to transition and optimise predictive maintenance practices to reduce maintenance costs
  • Global In Scope: Case-studies of track maintenance and asset management will be carefully selected across the world to give a full and complete picture of how to invigorate rail track maintenance while maximising the working potential for attendees
  • Targeted And Selected: The niche and exclusivity of the event will mean that all speakers and attendees are directly involved implementing rail track maintenance and asset management maximising the networking and learning potential for participants
  • Relatable Information And Insight: All case studies will be coming from infrastructure companies will mean that all key learning takeaways will be in your language - no bias, no sales pitches, only content.

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